Meet Unaise Hameed

Senior Physiotherapist

Holding both a Master’s degree and a PhD in Physiotherapy, Mr Hameed, an accomplished physiotherapist, combines advanced knowledge and extensive hands-on experience to deliver exceptional care to patients.

He is experienced in a diverse range of areas in physiotherapy, including orthopedic physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, vestibular rehabilitation, TMJ care, arthritis care, and the treatment of work-related and car accident-related injuries. Hameed is proficient in a variety of therapeutic techniques and modalities, including Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), manual therapy, electrophysical modalities, exercise prescription, taping, and the Graston Technique. His care approach integrates evidence-based practices with a personalized touch, ensuring the highest standard of care with compassion.

In addition to clinical practice, Hameed is deeply committed to the academic and research aspects of physiotherapy. He has a robust teaching portfolio, having taught various courses at universities and colleges both locally and internationally, and mentored numerous students pursuing degrees in physiotherapy. His work was published in leading peer-reviewed journals and addresses critical topics such as injury prevention, chronic pain management, and innovative rehabilitation techniques.

Hameed is supported by a loving family. Their spouse, Akhila, is a skilled speech-language pathologist, and together they have two sons. Committed to excellence, Hameed continues to help patients move better and live better every day.

Unaise looks forward to seeing you soon!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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